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About Us

From Start to Finish. Choose the Professionals!

VEC creates options for ex-military, veterans and civilians.

VECWe operate VEC with the best systems and elements of military training and work. We consult with subject matter experts for the best in business infrastructure and for the highest craftsmanship. We are passionate for our trades AND are passionate about helping other veterans find fulfilling work after leaving the military.

VeteransEnterprisesCorp traces its roots back to the owner’s time served in the Canadian military. After being introduced back in the civilian world the owners of VEC soon learned the difficulties a veteran faces merging back into society. With the military and business/contracting skills the owners possessed they decided to found VEC to provide quality services for clients and build a positive culture for veteran employees.


People at VEC are motivated and focused on two goals:

  1. Match a Veteran's combination of skills, attributes and training with trades in building and renovation.
  2. Deliver the highest level of customer confidence and satisfaction.

What to expect with VEC

The below scenario will give you a good idea of what to expect when hiring Veterans Enterprises Corp.:

  1. The first thing that needs to be done is to contact our office by: phone, email or our website contact form. We will record your contact information and job requirements.
  2. Next, we will schedule a convenient time for you, where an estimator will come by the site to go over the work with you.
  3. Once on site, the estimator will assess the situation and identify the source of the problem, giving you an informative and detailed breakdown of why the damage is occurring and the steps VEC will take to approach the job. If this is a new build, the estimator can give you his experienced opinion on your project and why you may want to add or take away certain elements.
  4. Once the onsite meeting is complete, expect a prompt electronic estimate, giving a detailed breakdown of the work discussed and an associated price.
  5. After you have decided to book the job, a scheduled date for commencement of the work will be given. If this conflicts with your schedule, we can always find a timeframe that works for you.
  6. When the job date arrives, a Job Site Foreman, will go over the work with you to make sure that nothing was lost in translation. Once you are satisfied with the scope of the work, we will begin.
  7. One the job is complete, we like to do a final inspection with the homeowner to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the work that was completed. After we get the thumbs up from you, a thorough cleanup of the job site is done.
  8. Expect an electronic invoice to follow, outlining all the work that was completed with the full amount owing attached.
  9. If a financing option was agreed upon, prior to the work commencing, then the initial amount is to be paid via cheque or cash, otherwise the full amount is due within 14 days of work completion.

Fixed-Price Guarantee

Unfortunately, not all contractors are up front about the actual cost to complete a job. A low price is given at the time of estimate, only to add additional costs at the time of invoicing. This method of under-cutting, and over-charging is extremely dishonest, and it gives contractors of all trades a bad name.

In an effort to bring integrity back into the residential construction market, we offer our Fixed-Price Guarantee. Since its creation VEC has rarely had to increase the cost of the initial estimate. The reason for a change is most often due to unforeseen circumstances that could not be realized until after some form of deconstruction had begun. Since this change in cost happens so rarely, we have decided to offer an optional Fixed-Price Guarantee so that you know exactly what you are going to pay once the job is done.

If you are concerned about sticking to a set budget, ask us if your job is eligible for our Fixed-Price Guarantee. This way, when you hire VEC, you can rest assured knowing that the job is going to be done right, and on budget.






VEC offers a wide range of construction services in the Renfrew County and Ottawa areas.