Veterans Enterprises Corp (VEC) is a community of like-minded veterans and others: We transition, re-discover purpose and work together in the VEC environment - one that fosters success.

"Vision without execution is just hallucination"

Author- Henry Ford

Why Join Veterans Enterprises Corp?

VEC Infrastructure and Networks
We help veterans transition and discover purpose again. We are a data science driven company.
Your Skills
Viable skills are mastered in the framework of purpose and camaraderie. We get better together
As a community, we want to take full advantage of the unique mix of skills that our military training provided. We identify ourselves as a very particular demographic. We share a mindset and a humor, and we learn skills quickly.

Come back to the guys you know and trust!

We see the same logic to life - and the same solutions to problems. We are veterans in our speech, our humour, and our actions and as veterans We plan it all out to take the right steps- We see beyond our individual tasks- We communicate well to keep things efficient- We understand the role of others- We know where everything fits in. VEC OFFERS YOU MANY OPTIONS FOR RECRUITMENT INCLUDING Apprentice, Lead Hand, Team Lead, Estimator, Project Manager, and Floater